Regatta Lady Holcombe Mid, Women’s High Rise Hiking Boots

Regatta Lady Holcombe Mid Women’s High Rise Hiking Boots Review

Thanks for taking the time to read our UK review of the Regatta Lady Holcombe Mid, Women’s High Rise Hiking Boots. Most ladies will be very familiar with the Regatta brand as it is sold in many outdoor and adventure shops.

They are a very popular brand for many outdoor enthusiasts in the UK.

We found around 100 online buyer reviews, at the time of publishing this review. So these sell well enough, when compared to other brands, and the reality is that some buyers like the Regatta price points as they do offer excellent value for money.

They are a great choice for walking and hiking across all and any type of terrain as they are high rise boots.

Online buyers rate these hiking boots highly with an overall and average 86% buyer satisfaction. They are popular for a number of reasons.

  • They have a fantastic range of colours
  • They are in the lower price point range for hiking boots
  • They are true to size and buyers state very comfortable

You can see an image of these boots just below.

Regatta Lady Holcombe Mid, Women’s High Rise Hiking Boots

Regatta Lady Holcombe Mid, Women’s High Rise Hiking Boots

Regatta Hiking Boots Brand

Regatta formed back in 1981 and they are now a very well known brand for affordable buy high quality footwear and clothing aimed at the outdoors market.

They aim all their outdoor products at ramblers, amblers, hikers and bikers. campers and gardeners and daily commuters, dog walkers, show jumpers and multi-tasking mums, picnickers, backpackers, kids playing ball and dads at the footie, urban roamers and beachcombers and puddle-loving children and everyone else they have helped start their own adventure.

They are a family run business and a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). The ETI brings together brands, retailers, suppliers, unions and NGO’s to improve conditions for workers worldwide.

Regatta make jackets, winter boots, footwear, tents, waterproof technologies, and outdoor clothing.

How Much Do the Regatta Lady Holcombe Hiking Boots Cost?

On average these cost between £20-80. The price varies depending on both size choice and also which colour that you decide to go for.

It will of course also depend on where you make your actual purchase.

These are not leather boots but are made from a synthetic material that has been heavily waterproofed. The mesh upper also allows the feet to breathe and prevents the feet from sweating.

What Colours Are Available?

You can get these in one colour which is:

  • Purple (Fig/Rose blush)
  • Fig/Rose Blush
  • Grey
  • Grey/Black
  • Steel
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Beige/Walnut
  • Blackberry
  • Navy
  • Ice Green

What UK Sizes are Available?

These Regatta boots are available from sizes 3-8 all of which are UK Sizes. No half sizes are available. According to all the online websites, these are an 86% match to your normal shoe size.

How Do Buyers Rate the Regatta Lady Holcombe High Rise Hiking Boots

Buyer Satisfaction

There are a lot of real life buyer reviews for these particular Regatta hiking boots so plenty of information for us to base our reviews on.

  • The average buyer satisfaction rating is 86%
  • 66% of all buyers give these a full 5 star review
  • 6% of all buyers gave these a bad review

When you break these ratings down, about 66 out of every 100 buyers give these a full 5 star review. There are 6% of bad reviews.

Overall the rating is consistently high, as you would expect for a Regatta pair of boots

What Buyers Say About the Regatta Lady Holcombe Hiking Boots?

So we know that these boots cost around £20-80, depending on where you make your purchase. We also know that generally speaking, buyers rate these boots very highly with 86% buyer satisfaction.

There are also only a small number of complaints which is always a very good thing to see.

Now it is important to understand what buyers actually said in those reviews. That is where you find the real information about what the boots were like when worn. We have done that in the form of a Likes and Dislikes table just below.

  • check
    Some buyers liked the Regatta brand and they also liked the lower price point
  • check
    Buyers seemed to mainly use these for tasks like dog walking and on camping sites
  • check
    Buyers said these boots offered decent comfort as they were light in weight
  • Buyers said that generally speaking these were a good fit when compared to your normal shoes
  • check
    A few buyers said these boots do not stand up to any type of rough terrain
  • Likewise some buyers said they were not even close to being waterproof
Regatta Lady Holcombe Mid, Women’s High Rise Hiking Boots

Summary & Verdict on the Regatta Lady Holcombe Mid, Women’s High Rise Hiking Boots


At around the £20-80 price point, these are good enough value if you can get them at the lower end of the price point.

They are lots of good colour choices and overall buyers rate these highly enough.

It became clear when reading all the reviews, that the majority of women buy these for day to day wear, and also for tasks like walking the dog.

They do however get some harsh complaints about letting in water, and also not standing up to any type of tougher or rougher terrains. Just be aware of that if you plan on using them for that purpose.

Please note that if these are not the boots for you , then check out our top 12 list of hiking boots. This pair of Regatta boots came out an number twelve on our top 12 list of hiking and trekking boots.

Those who buy these boots use them for some basic purposes such as normal walking, and on camping sites or day trips where the terrain is made up of grass or laid out paths.

These should not be bought for rougher terrains.

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