no 7 rated womens hiking boots

Northwest Territory Ladies Leather Lightweight Hiking Boots UK Review

Thanks for taking the time to read our UK review of the Northwest Territory Ladies leather lightweight hiking boots.. These are a very popular choice for many ladies in the UK, who like to go for long walks, hike or trek.

In fact, we found over 400 online buyer reviews, at the time of publishing this review. That shows very clearly that these hiking boots have sold very well and buyers like this style a lot.

These boots are part of the wide range of Northwest Territory boots.

Online buyers rate these hiking boots very highly with an overall and average 88% buyer satisfaction. They are popular for a number of reasons.

These are extremely good value for money and that is indeed their main selling point. The price point when compared to other brands is excellent.

It is not just about price alone though, as these boots come in a wide variety of colours, are made from leather and overall get a very good 88% buyer satisfaction.

You can see an image of these boots just below.

no 7 rated womens hiking boots

Northwest Territory Ladies Leather Lightweight Waterproof Walking Hiking Trekking Comfort Memory Foam Shoes

Northwest Hiking Boots Brand

Northwest also known as Northwest Territories have accumulated fifty years of boot making experience, Northwest Territory resides in the iconic shoe town of Northampton. Their ever expanding range continually boasts of new styles, always sourcing materials with a core focus on quality and price.

They make well constructed, durable footwear which is the ideal companion for those weekend adventures. A great mix of comfort and style allowing you to explore new territories everyday.

They make ladies hiking boots and country boots along with a range of women's socks. According to our research these are some of the most affordable hiking boots on the market, and they have a very interesting choice of colours.

How Much Do the Northwest Trek Womens Leather Hiking Boots  Cost?

On average these cost between £30 -£40 The price varies depending on both size choice and also which colour that you decide to go for.

It will of course also depend on where you make your actual purchase.

These are leather hiking boots and in our opinion it is hard to find prices cheaper than this anywhere from any other shoe brand. They have not compromised on quality, and these are very good value for money.

What Colours Are Available?

You can get these in a variety of very interesting colours which are:

  • Black/Pink
  • Black Fuchsia
  • Black/Grey
  • Black/Multi
  • Grey/Light Blue
  • Grey Fuchsia
  • Raspberry/Blue
  • Khaki/Black
  • Navy/Pink
  • Navy/Light Blue
  • Brown/Red

What UK Sizes are Available?

These Northwest Territory boots are available from size -8 all of which are UK Sizes. No half sizes are available. According to all the online websites, these are an 84% match to your normal shoe size.

How Do Buyers Rate the Northwest Trek Womens Leather Hiking Boots

Buyer Satisfaction

There are a lot of real life buyer reviews for these particular Northwest hiking boots so plenty of information for us to base our reviews on.

  • The average buyer satisfaction rating is 88%
  • 69% of all buyers give these a full 5 star review
  • 5% of all buyers gave these a bad review

When you break these ratings down, about 7 out of every 10 buyers give these a full 5 star review. There are 5% of bad reviews.

Overall the rating is consistently high, as you would expect for a Northwest pair of boots

What Buyers Say About the Northwest Trek Womens Leather Hiking Boots?

So we know that these boots cost around £33-40, depending on where you make your purchase. We also know that generally speaking, buyers rate these boots very highly with 88% buyer satisfaction.

There are also only a small number of complaints which is always a very good thing to see.

Now it is important to understand what buyers actually said in those reviews. That is where you find the real information about what the boots were like when worn. We have done that in the form of a Likes and Dislikes table just below.

  • check
    Buyers really like the way that these boots like
  • check
    Buyers said the tread is very good on these and ideal for hill walking
  • check
    Buyers believed these were superb value for money
  • check
    Buyers said these boots offered good all round support
  • Buyers loved the colour choices
  • Buyers said they did not experience any blistering
  • check
    A few buyers said these boots are just too big and too wide
  • Likewise some buyers said these are hard to fit
no 7 rated womens hiking boots

Summary & Verdict on the Northwest Trek Womens Leather Hiking Boots


At around the £30-40 price point, we believe that these are extremely well priced. UK buyers really did like the colours available as it gave them plenty of choice, especially for teenagers

These boots sell really well and that is because they have a really good colour selection, are good quality boots and above all else, a very competitive price point.

The colour choice is wide and varied and they offer a range of colour choices in what is a very traditional looking hiking boot. Buyers do like the look of these as they have a good shape and the traditional lace up closure style.

Please note that if these are not the boots for you , then check out our top 12 list of hiking boots. This pair of Norhwest boots however did come out an number seven on our top 12 list of hiking and trekking boots.

Those who but these boots use them for some basic purposes such as dog walking and all the way up to climbing steel hills and rocks. Buyers say the soles are thick and have an excellent grip.

Most buyers say they are waterproof though there are one or two who say that is not the case.A few buyers also had a minor grumble about the laces being round. Buyers said that made the laces slip.

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