no 6 rated womens hiking boots

Bodmin Low 4 Ladies Weathertite Low Rise Hiking Boots UK Review

Thanks for taking the time to read our UK review of the Bodmin Low 4 Ladies Weathertite Low Rise Hiking Boots. The manufacturer uses the term boots when they named these.

We believe that these really should be classed as walking shoes or hiking shoes as they are not really in the boot style. Now to be fair they do refer to these as "low rise."

That simply means that they do not come up and over the ankle as most boots do. They are still suitable for walking and hiking, but we don't believe they are boots in the true sense of the word.

All that said there are certainly plenty of buyers for these Bodmin branded boots. Bodmin do form part of the Karrimor brand, and we have included some information on that just below in our review.

At the moment that various online buyers rate these hiking boots highly with an overall and average 88% buyer satisfaction. They are popular for a number of reasons.

Those look well, have a good choice of colours and that they are from the very well known and trusted Karrimor  brand, who specialise in this type of hiking boot.

They are made from a suede/mesh material which keeps the water out and still allows the boots to breathe so as your feet don't sweat. The inner material is interesting in that it helps keep water out, but also allows your feet to breathe.

They so have very comfortable cushioning and a flat sole with good grip.

You can see an image of these just below.

no 6 rated womens hiking boots

Bodmin Low 4 Ladies Weathertite Low Rise Hiking Boots

Karrimor Hiking Boots Brand

The Karrimor brand began back in 1946 and was founded by a group of people called Charles Parsons, Mary Parsons and Grace Davies. Karrimor started by selling hand-sewed cotton-duck cycle pannier bags.

Since those humble beginnings, Karrimor moved on to produce some excellent outdoor equipment and clothing including boots and shoes designed for the great outdoors. The Haston Alpiniste rucksack of the 1970s became the most famous alpine rucksack ever. In the 1980s, the pioneering Karrimor sports boots (KSB) were the first to be made with lightweight fabric.

Karramor are now considered to be the British specialists in adventure outdoor equipment. They mow have a comprehensive range of Karrimor rucksacks, walking boots, safety boots, backpacks, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, tents, outdoor clothing, snow boots, camping equipment, running shoes and everything else you could possibly need for an outdoor adventure.

Rower, Olympian and adventurer, James Cracknell is the current ambassador for Karrimor. The team of elite athletes have design input in to the Karrimor collections and opportunity to test the Karrimor kit in some of the world’s harshest conditions.

How Much Do the Bodmin Low 4 Low Rise Hiking Boots Cost?

On average these cost between £30 -£70. The price varies depending on both size choice and also which colour that you decide to go for.

It will of course also depend on where you make your actual purchase.

You should also be aware that there are also offers on, and these will change almost daily at various High Street retail stores, or online stores. It is always worth searching around for a bargain.

These boots are pretty new to the UK market, but so far they have been selling steadily in this range of hiking or trekking boots.

What Colours Are Available?

You can get these in a variety of colours which are:

  • Grey/Dark Grey
  • Beige/Taupe/Green
  • Grey/blue
  • Grey/Colony Blue

What UK Sizes are Available?

These Karrimor Bodmin boots are available from size 3-7.5 all of which are UK Sizes. As you can see half sizes are available. According to all the online websites, these are an 84% match to your normal shoe size.

How do Buyers Rate the Bodmin Low 4 Hiking Boots

Buyer Satisfaction

There are not many buyer reviews for these particular Karrimor Bodmin hiking boots as yet, but those who have bought them rate them as follows

  • The average buyer satisfaction rating is 88%
  • 68% of all buyers give these a full 5 star review
  • 2% of all buyers gave these a bad review

When you break these ratings down, 68 out of every 100 buyers give these a full 5 star review. The number of complaints is low at 2%

Overall the rating is consistently high, as you would expect for a Bodmin pair of boots

What Buyers Say About the Bodmin Low 4 Ladies Hiking Boots?

So we know that these boots cost around £30-70, depending on where you make your purchase. We also know that generally speaking, buyers rate these boots very highly with 88% buyer satisfaction.

There are also no complaints which is always a very good thing to see.

Now it is important to understand what buyers actually said in those reviews. That is where you find the real information about what the boots were like when worn. We have done that in the form of a Likes and Dislikes table just below.

  • check
    Buyers found these low profile walking shoes to be a very good choice for longer walking
  • check
    Buyers said that these boots are comfortable to wear straight out of the box
  • check
    Buyers said that these did keep their feet dry
  • check
    Buyers said these boots are light and look really good
  • check
    The only real complaints about these is trying to get the right fitting as these appear to be large

Buyers who opt for these boots tend to wear them for doing longer walks and right down to simply walking their dog. Buyers do take them on longer hikes and they all claim for the most part, that they are lightweight and comfortable.

They particularly liked the cushioning on these low rise boots.

no 6 rated womens hiking boots

Summary & Verdict on the Bodmin Low 4 Ladies Weathertite Low Rise Hiking Boots


At around the £30-70 price point, we believe that these are well priced and are certainly a popular choice for many UK ladies.

These are according to buyers a really good choice for anyone who doesn't like the idea of mid-weight or heavier hiking boots.

These are officially classed as low rise which simply means that the shoe/boot does not cover the ankles.

The colour choices are good enough and they do look really well. They do get very good buyer ratings, plenty of them, and the good news is that buyers don't appear to have any major complaints, other than size issues.

Please note that if these are not the boots for you , then check out our top 12 list of hiking boots. This pair of Bodmin boots however did come out an number six on our top 12 list of hiking and trekking boots.

Buyers say that these do have a good hard wearing sole. These are also a better choice for people who prefer to wear a thicker sock.

Some hikers do prefer to wear these thicker socks, and if you are one of these people, then you will need to buy boots that are slightly larger than your normal shoe size.

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