Berghaus Women's Explorer Ridge Plus GTX Boot UK Review

Berghaus Women's Explorer Ridge Plus GTX Boot UK Review

Thanks for taking the time to read our UK review of the Berghaus Women's Explorer Ridge Plus GTX Boots. These are a good choice for women who like to stick with a well known outdoor specialist brand such as Berghaus.

We found around 75 online buyer reviews, at the time of publishing this review. So these well well enough, when compared to other brands, and the reality is that some buyers just prefer to own a brand that is well known for developing boots, that are specifically designed to be worn outdoors.

They are a great choice for walking and hiking across all and any type of terrain as they are high rise boots.

Online buyers rate these hiking boots highly with an overall and average 86% buyer satisfaction. They are popular for a number of reasons.

  • They look the part and they are proper standard hiking boots
  • They are high rise boots but still lightweight
  • The grip on all terrains is excellent
  • They are made from full grain British leather

You can see an image of these boots just below.

Berghaus Women's Explorer Ridge Plus GTX Boot UK Review

Berghaus Women's Explorer Ridge Plus GTX Boot

Berghaus Hiking Boots Brand

Berghaus formed in 1966, when outdoor clothing and footwear was simply not heard of. Two climbers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison from the North East of England, decided to import and sell their own outdoor gear.

Their specialist outdoor store in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, went by the name of the LD Mountain Centre and quickly gained a reputation for selling the very best in high-performance outdoor products from the likes of Atomic Skis, Marker Bindings and Nordica Ski.

Lockey and Davison soon began to design, test and make their own gear for sale in the shop. This high-quality, innovative clothing range, inspired by what climbers actually wanted and needed, was called Berghaus. And so began the Berghaus brand.

Berghaus was the first UK retailer to import and stock the legendary SCARPA walking boots. In the early 1990s saw Berghaus turn its attention to footwear, launching its very first footwear collection. The collection included the Storm boot; at the time, considered to be the definitive three season fabric hiking boot.

How Much Do the Berghaus Women's Explorer Ridge Boots Cost?

On average these cost between £95 -£140. The price varies depending on both size choice and also which colour that you decide to go for.

It will of course also depend on where you make your actual purchase.

These are high quality leather hiking boots with a man made textile interior for comfort. As you can see these are not a cheap option and if you really want Berghaus boots, then they just don't come cheap.

There are from time to time discounts and offers available but these can often be really hard to find. If you can buy these for under £100, then you have got yourself a very good deal.

What Colours Are Available?

You can get these in one colour which is:

  • Brown

What UK Sizes are Available?

These Berghaus boots are available from sizes 4-8 all of which are UK Sizes. Half sizes are available. According to all the online websites, these are an 84% match to your normal shoe size.

How Do Buyers Rate the Berghaus Women's Explorer Ridge Plus Boots

Buyer Satisfaction

There are a lot of real life buyer reviews for these particular Berghaus hiking boots so plenty of information for us to base our reviews on.

  • The average buyer satisfaction rating is 86%
  • 69% of all buyers give these a full 5 star review
  • 8% of all buyers gave these a bad review

When you break these ratings down, about 69 out of every 100 buyers give these a full 5 star review. There are 8% of bad reviews.

Overall the rating is consistently high, as you would expect for a Berghaus pair of boots

What Buyers Say About the Berghaus Explorer Ridge Plus GTX Boot?

So we know that these boots cost around £95 -£140, depending on where you make your purchase. We also know that generally speaking, buyers rate these boots very highly with 86% buyer satisfaction.

There are also only a small number of complaints which is always a very good thing to see.

Now it is important to understand what buyers actually said in those reviews. That is where you find the real information about what the boots were like when worn. We have done that in the form of a Likes and Dislikes table just below.

  • check
    Buyers really like the Berghaus brand and quality
  • check
    Buyers said these are both comfortable and waterproof
  • check
    Buyers said these boots offered good all round support and really solid protection for the ankles
  • Buyers said that although these are high rise boots they don't feel heavy on the feet or legs
  • Buyers said they did take some initial breaking in
  • check
    A few buyers said these boots are too narrow and small in size
  • Likewise some buyers said they really restricted ankle movement
Berghaus Women's Explorer Ridge Plus GTX Boot UK Review

Summary & Verdict on the Berghaus Women's Explorer Ridge Plus GTX Boot


At around the £95 -£140 price point, these are expensive and certainly not the cheapest boots on the UK market.

They are however Berghaus boots and to be honest, most hikers know that their products are high quality but expensive.

These are the kind of boots that some ladies do like to be seen in, and they are very popular with many walking and hiking groups in the UK.

The colour choice is limited and you really either like brown or you don't.

Please note that if these are not the boots for you , then check out our top 12 list of hiking boots. This pair of Berghaus boots however did come out an number ten on our top 12 list of hiking and trekking boots.

Those who buy these boots use them for some basic purposes such as normal walking, hill climbing, outdoor events and all the way up to climbing steel hills and rocks. Buyers say the soles are thick and have an excellent grip.

Most buyers say they are mainly waterproof, The only complaints that we could find were about the boots being tight around the ankles, and that they were expensive.

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